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Asia’s complexity is reflected in its market intelligence, with information that is often scarce, incomplete, or unreliable.

We fill these critical gaps by offering comprehensive reports and workbooks, specifically designed for MNCs and their executives.

Our analysis is refined by three decades of Asia Pacific experience and informed by daily meetings with business leaders to provide practical, actionable insights for corporate strategy.

Senior Executive Insights Reports

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Forum Insights

Capture the latest commentary and observations shared by our members at briefings. Forum Insights provide the latest thinking on markets and strategy in Asia Pacific from the executives solving the challenges daily.

Market Insights

Capture key economic and political developments in Asia Pacific. Market Insights, including our Asia Pacific Executive Brief and Asia Forecast Update, are trusted resources for over 3,000 senior executives.


Our reports are backed by comprehensive workbooks that feature hundreds of charts and both historical and forecast data. Our workbooks are designed for quick and easy incorporation into corporate reports and presentations.

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