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China’s AI Evolution: Strategic Insights for Executives

‘The requirements imposed on China's AI products matter. They will reshape how the technology is built and deployed but their effects will not stop at its borders. China is the world's largest producer of AI research. Its regulations will drive new research as companies seek to meet regulatory demands.’

'Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba are trying to figure out how to leverage their underlying datasets and AI expertise in developing LLMs to service clients in specific industry verticals.’

‘We are going to have two different AI ecosystems. As a business, you will have started to adopt a global brain (plugged into AI), but you will have to have a China brain, too.’

GAI is poised to unlock substantial economic and innovation benefits in China, and presents both challenges and opportunities for business leaders. The transformation of the local AI landscape, marked by the rollout of Baidu's Ernie and the introduction of new regulations since August, underscores the need for companies to actively monitor developments and adapt strategically.

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