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Seizing Asia’s Potential: Four Factors for Growth

‘Any prudent company is probably not looking at a China exit strategy. The Chinese market is too big to move out of entirely. If we move everything out, we will probably lose the Chinese market. Rather, we are looking at resiliency with a China+ strategy.’

‘In the last 12 to 18 months, I see a completely different scenario of what's happening. Previously, I never stepped into India. I now go to India often because many of our customers are investing heavily there. The two countries that our customers talk about are Vietnam and India.’

‘Talent will be the biggest barrier. In a hybrid world where there will be massive disruptions, the world will go through a series of rolling crises. The biggest shortage is going to be good talent; there is simply not enough in the pipeline to build a good team.’

Four key factors are shaping growth opportunities in Asia Pacific; each with a critical role in guiding corporate strategy. While results may not be immediate, understanding and planning around them will be essential for seizing opportunities as they emerge. Indeed these trends are not only shaping the present and short-term; they will be central to long-term success in the region.

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