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Understanding China’s Sanctions: A Strategic Imperative for Business Leaders

‘China is gearing up – not to intentionally drive an escalation of geopolitical tensions – but to respond commensurately to external actions imposed upon it.’

‘China is currently building and stress testing a suite of policy tools to respond to foreign governments in a targeted, agile, and reciprocal fashion.’

‘It's important to formulate a nuanced approach and consider what foreign governments need to see you doing in China. That's the trick and it certainly isn’t easy.’

China is sending a clear message through its use of sanctions: foreign companies are welcome but must comply with its terms. The aim is to modify corporate behaviour, and CEOs in China face the complex task of balancing local compliance with the expectations of HQ. These dual pressures demand an adept strategy that includes thoughtful messaging, both internally and externally. Key to the success of such strategy will be the ability to anticipate future sanctions and their enforcement, coupled with a leadership team that is both well-informed and responsive.

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